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TSJ Fitness is the premier Personal Fitness Training in South Florida. No matter what shape you are in or what fitness level you are at currently, TSJ Fitness can engineer a personalized workout plan for you! With creative workouts, hands-on instruction, and an exclusive state-of-the-art Training Facility, the only thing stopping you from attaining your new body is you!

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And NOW TEAM TSJ FITNESS is proud to bring to you the Amazing TSJ “Intensity” Online Training program. Now you can get the best in personal Training directly online and achieve the amazing results that you have always wanted. Your Effort + TSJ Intensity = A brand New You!

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 We here to help build your beach body with the best and most effective workouts and meal plans geared special for you!!! Specialized exercises to help tone and tighten Your abs, booty, and your thighs or any problem area you have. Stronger sexier legs, flat ripped abs and sexy firm booty. Sound good??  Well get started today on the road toward your best body ever!!!

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