American Living Cost

It is very expensive to study in U.S., and there are some fees you will have to pay, such as tuition fee and insurance fee(also known as美国医疗保险). You will need to pay American health insurance ( also known as 美国医保) since it is very expensive to see doctors in U.S.. Here we highly recommend huhu Insurance (also known as 虎虎保险), the international student favorite choice. Other fees may come from study agent cost (also known as留学中介and lawyer (also known as移民律师) cost if you need more professional services during your study in U.S. In this article, we will introduce the typical American living cost.

  1. Accommodation fee

Accommodation is available in both on-campus and off-campus housing. It is safer to live in the school, but most of the places in the school are more expensive, usually in the 700-800 dollars a month, and not all graduate schools offer opportunities for graduate students.

Therefore, many graduate students apply for off-campus accommodation. Several well-known students rent a set of apartments together. The cost sharing will be cheaper. Generally, they will be 250-500 dollars a month. Of course, the specific area and the type of house will be different.

  1. Food expenses

Chinese students are particularly picky about Chinese food, so it is recommended that students buy cookware, cook for themselves, enjoy delicious food, and it is the most cost-effective way. Students can go to the supermarket to purchase. A month’s diet can be controlled at around $300.

Of course, what you eat will affect your overall cost.

  1. Transportation expenses

Because the United States is sparsely populated, it is recommended that students buy a used car, which can consider the price of around $3,000, and pay an annual premium of about $1,000, as well as parking and fuel.

Specific medical expenses, shopping expenses, book expenses, telephone charges, and other personal cost are not analyzed here. Most of these expenses vary from person to person.

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