Get Your Tennis Elbow Treated with Physiotherapy Perth!

Tennis elbow despite its name suggests, only a few percentages of all the cases are credited to playing tennis. It affects everyone! Scientifically called as Lateral epicondylitis, it is a bony bump on the lateral side of the elbow. It is nothing but elbow over usage injury. Let us discuss some of the common factors that result in tennis elbow and how physio Perth will help.

Why does Tennis Elbow Happen?

The most common reason for tennis elbow to result is repetitive gripping activities or overusing of index, thumb and middle fingers. These repetitive activities can result in micro tears in the tendons on the lateral side of the elbow. An avid tennis player, carpenter, painter or someone who handles jackhammering or the one who uses a keyboard at work for a long time are susceptible to get tennis elbow when their tissue is unable to cope with the repeated stress.

This is a common condition, and most of the patients are referred to physiotherapists Perth to fix it. Other factors that may result you with the tennis elbow include,

  • Gripping the tennis racket that is large
  • Poor flexibility
  • Poor techniques used
  • Reduced lower back mobility
  • Poor external rotation of shoulder which results in placing more strain in the elbow

What are the Symptoms Associated with Tennis Elbow?

The symptoms may vary depending on some factors like age and lifestyle. Some of the common symptoms include,

  • Pain to touch on the outside of the elbow region
  • Mild discomfort while trying to move the arm
  • Severe pain that even disrupts sleep
  • Pain on the second and third finger while trying to grip something or extend the wrist
  • Radiating pain from elbow towards the forearm
  • Worsening pain while attempting to do repetitive movements especially combined with a weight.

How to treat it?

There is good news! Tennis elbow is curable. Yes with continuous physiotherapy Perth, with a reputed provider you can recover. Physiotherapy Perth is the most recommended first line of treatment for this condition. During Physiotherapy, the provider can access your upper limb and elbow.  He will find causes and offer advice on modifying activities, prescribe manual therapy and appropriate rehabilitation exercise.

Physiotherapy at the Right Time!

An acute injury will show some signs of inflammation. At this time your therapist will use gentle techniques with physiotherapy, aiming to reduce physical stress and complete cure. Some injuries do not show any characteristics of the inflammatory process. In such cases, the therapist will use techniques to kick-start the inflammatory process again in a controlled manner as it is the initial stage of the curing process. So the physiotherapist will use pro-inflammatory methods to restart the healing process all over again.

Some physiotherapy methods that kick-start healing process includes:

  • Manual Therapy: It is a hands-on tissue manipulation technique that will create micro-trauma to resume the inflammatory process.
  • Exercise: Simple yet effective exercises aiming to stress the tissues beyond its current capability helps to restart the inflammatory process.

These techniques used at fixed intervals will promote natural healing.

Don’t wait for more. With the best physio Perth, gain back yourself!

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